Stalking the Damned – at the crevice with Tyr


Our sojourn into desolation has begun to leaves its mark on our tainted souls.  The strangely sweet light from our conversation with Leslie cast its last rays across our path some time ago, throwing us into oblivion.  Oblivion.  Its darkness offers no false hopes and covers all with its empty embrace.  It is this bitter embrace that compels our ambitious pursuit of the Damned.



The crunch-tumble-crack of our feet scuffing across the rubble-choked passage seems loud until a harsh scream pierces the obscurity and drowns our own noise.  Gloomy visibility grows before us, its presence more of an imperfect darkness than the presence of light.  A large form looms over a crevice.  The source of the scream is held aloft in the large form’s mighty grip.



Where our hearts may have once beat with compassion for the doomed being, they now pump excitedly with impish fascination.  Unintelligible supplication turns to futile shrieks as the large form tosses the victim down the crevice.



I turn and speak to you in hushed tones.


“This is Tyr.  Tyr Kieran.  He is as dichotomous as the moon itself.  Tyr can be a facetious consort, or he can be the hand of your doom.”



He turns, knowing we are watching, and strolls across broken ground to stand before us.



“Tyr,” I begin, “we seek to know the Damned.  Might we ask a few questions?”



A thoughtful nod and devious grin tell us to continue.



Tyr, your part in Pen of the Damned is as unique as that of the others.  Please share with us something that identifies you as an individual writer.


Welcome, Damned associates. It is nice to speak with you.

What makes me unique? I’d like to think my writing style/voice is unique, but probably the most obvious difference is my Interactive Fiction Projects. The goal is to offer viewers the chance to read a novel as it’s written. I post freshly composed segments across social media, twice a week. The benefit, and interactive opportunity, of this method is that everyone, including the author, is on the same page at the same time. Readers can leave comments and discuss the recent post before the next is conceived. I am currently on my second such project. When the tale reaches a finale of sorts, I will hold a contest to name the book.

If you’re interested in joining the Interactive Fiction Project, follow the posts on my blog ( or Facebook page ( and leave comments.



You say that you do not have a long history of reading and writing, yet your work is well crafted and pulls at your reader.  To what do you attribute your skills?


I appreciate the kind words, Zack. Thank you.
Here’s my dark, dirty little secret: I didn’t like reading very much as a kid, or even through young adulthood (with the exception of Poe. Who doesn’t enjoy Poe?). I read the occasional comic, poem, or short novel, but I can’t claim a long list of reading experience. So, naturally, when I started reading for pleasure, I eased into it with the light reading of… Frank Herbert’s Dune series. Not the smartest starting point, but I loved them anyway.

To what do I attribute my, so called, ‘skills’? A good ear, I guess.
I craft based on what sounds right, whether it be sentence structure, dialogue, or description. Beyond that, I alter my stories to fit what I would enjoy as a reader. 



You’ve said that you have a strong sense of humor.  Even though this may not come out very often in your writing, what kind of an impact does it have on what you do?  Or does it hold no sway over your writing?


What, you can’t tell? Ha, just kidding. Yeah, it doesn’t show very often in my writing, but it certainly has its place, even in terrifying fiction. I’m certain humor will play a role in my longer works as either character traits, tension relief, or misdirection. To date, my stories were short and didn’t require comedic assistance.

Outside of my writing, I always strive for the humor in any situation, simply because it’s more fun than getting stressed out and life is too goddamn short!



How do you gain your inspiration for your writing?  Do you have tricks to tease ideas out of your dark imagination, or do you have a head full of stories?


The world we live in is a wonderful and terrible place. Everywhere I turn, I see inspiration. From there I use the ‘what if’ technique. For example, I once saw an unidentifiable insect carcass that made me think, what if that thing was alive? What if it tried to get inside of me to lay eggs? What if the larvae incubated in my teeth? And what would it be like when they hatched? That sparked a story concept. From there, I tried to ground it in reality (I prefer to make things plausible no matter the subject) when looking for an origin for those creatures. The ‘bacteria or organism from a fallen meteor’ premise was done to death and felt like a deus ex machina copout. So I found a plausible origin and the result of all that was my Pen of the Damned short “In The Name Of Science” found here:



Let’s say you have a chance to play the role of any antagonist in a movie.  Who would it be and why?


Wow, excellent and difficult question.

I would be a Kevin Spacey from Seven type villain. I’d do my homework, exude inhuman amounts of patience, and make sacrifices for the end goal—methodical and ruthless in setting plans that, no matter the actions of others, would hit the mark and make my message heard. Why? I love creating subtle threads within my stories that surface at just the right time to deliver a message. I take pride in hiding clues in plain sight and using subtle misdirection to pop surprises.

Also, I bet I’d be the type of villain that’s delusional, believing that his actions are for the greater good. Why? Despite my dark thoughts and evil tales, I like to think I’m one of the good guys. Albeit, one with a devious streak.

  Thanks for the chat, my inquisitive friends. I must be off now. There’s quite a few people that need a dose of dark medicine, plus, I’m overdue to feed the ATM more kittens. Best of luck to you as you travel on through the murky depths of The Damned!

Farewell until our paths cross again.



Farewell Tyr, and thank you for your time.


And thank you, dear reader, for stalking the Damned.  We will continue our descent into the Damned abyss.  But, for now, please feel free to take your time and get to know the offspring of the Damned.


Tyr’s work with Pen of the Damned can be found via the following link, as well as the work of the other Damned souls.







4 comments on “Stalking the Damned – at the crevice with Tyr

  1. Great interview guys, I can definitely see Tyr as the methodical, patient villain believing all along that his actions were indeed righteous! Kudos, Stalker of the Damned!! 😉

  2. Tyr Kieran says:

    Thanks for hearing me out, Zack!!!

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