There are plenty of things I have sworn I would never do.  For example, I will never wear a kilt unless it is worn the way a true Scotsman wears it.  IFKWIM

Having a gnome in my yard is definitely on the list.  Correction – WAS on the list.  I know, I know, I can hear you saying “WTF”, but it’s true.  I want a gnome.

But it can’t just be any garden variety of gnome (please pardon the pun).  Not for me…

Enter the NecroGnomicon

Oh yea, you can’t go wrong with these babies…..


For those of you that are wondering about the name, it stems from the “Necronomicon” (image of the law of the dead), a fictional (or is it?) book/grimoire written and discussed by Lovecraft and his followers.

Take said necrotic tome, add a funky little gnome, and you have a Halloween masterpiece.

As cool as the NecroGnomicons are, they are not enough.  If you have found/seen something that you are DYING to have for Halloween, please share.


6 comments on “NecroGnomicon

  1. Sending me off on yet another mission, Zack? Really?

    I don’t suppose trying to order an orange and black KegelMaster when I make that customer service investigative call qualifies, does it?

    I’ll get back to you with more details.

    Oh. And, those Gnomes? The Necro-whochamacallit-cons? They look dang creepy. Redeploy the drones, for crumb’s sake.

  2. Seriously?!?! O.M.G these are AWESOME! Hubby and I were just strolling the neighbourhood tonight admiring all the dressed up houses with their skeletons and “crime scene” tape and I asked him…”should we decorate???” (we have no kids and can be lame asses). He said “nahhh…why bother with the same old…” and I couldn’t help but agree. It’s no fun looking like everyone else…BUT THESE GUYS?!?! These guys are the SHIT!!!
    Where does a person buy a NecroGnomicon? I want to line the drive way with these bad boys and maybe light them up with spotlights! LOL!

    • zkullis says:

      They are sweet aren’t they!?! I have no idea where to get them, but I would SO get a few of these.

      Thanks for popping over Natalie!

      If you and hubby find some, pleast post pics (and let us know where to get them)

  3. Piper Bayard says:

    Now, these are my kind of gnomes.

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