Audacious to Asinine

Audacious to Asinine.

I love the word asinine.  That was the cuss word of choice for my father.  I know, I know, it’s not a cuss word.  But Dad used it that way.  That was as close to spewing foul language as Mr Puritan was going to get.

I was tagged with the Letter Game by the fantastic Jenny Hansen during her Titillating Tenacity of Tiny “T” post.  She gave me the “A”.  Does that sound naughty to you too?

Thanks Jenny.  Let’s go for an A-ride.


This is a word that all too often describes me – equal parts recklessly daring and unrestrained by convention.  Life is too short to tinker around with.  I tend to jump in with both feet.  To hell with convention.  Also, the word itself sounds gnarly.


This is one of my favorite “A” words.  I’m sure to get chided for throwing in a word so obviously full of double meanings.  But it is what it is.  I spent the better part of last week geared up and in action with a full-blown FTX (Field Training Exercise).

I love action, especially when it involves MRAPs, Black Hawk helo support, explosives, flash bangs, midnight maneuvers, and simunition rounds.

Jenny, this is the reason I was late in responding to your challenge.  Please forgive.

Ambergris Cay

“What?”  Yeah, you heard me.  Ambergris Cay.  If you want perfect beaches, friendly locals, and sun to kill for, you should check out Turks and Caicos.  There is a small island on the southern end of the group called Ambergris Cay.  Very few people, lots of sand and sun, and it is still pretty close to “Provo” to the north.


My last word for this post is allegiance.  I’m a very loyal person.  I stand behind what I believe to be right.  Loyalty is important to me.


Alastor is one of the first words/names that came to my mind when I was given the letter A.  Alastor is a Grand Demon that plays some important antagonistic roles in my two books.  I mention this only because the characters in my books have become vivid and lifelike in my head.  It is as if the character is evolving, and I think that side of the creative process is amazing.


I am a big fan of the Arabic language.  It has many dialects and regional differences, but the language itself is very strong, poetic, expressive and evocative.


That about does it for my “A”s. 

Any and all additions acting as an acceptable acquiescence are ancillary and auxiliary as appropriate. 



2 comments on “Audacious to Asinine

  1. I love this.

    I am close to your audacious because I am relentless. I will not take no for an answer. And if I get a bee in my bonnet, it’s happening.

    Even if it makes me look asinine. 😉

  2. zkullis says:

    Ah, my sweet Renée, you are wonderful. Thank you!

    I love the “bee in my bonnet” visual. 😉

    There is nothing wrong with looking a little asinine. Normalcy is overrated.

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